John on his Harley

John D Cowan
New York's #1 Yankee Fan!

All things being equal, I'd rather be at a Yankee's game eatin' a dog and kickin' back a cold one!

That's right, I'm a Yankee's fan and I ride a Harley; learn to deal with it!

In the real world, I work as a web and database programmer for The Statler School of Hotel Administration, which is one of the colleges that make up Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Let's face it, a job was the only way I was getting into an Ivy League School!

This is my second career. In a previous life, I worked as a drywall-finisher. But after 23 years of hard labor ( drywall, not prison ) and eight surgeries to repair my frame, I decided in 2000 to try sitting in front of a computer for awhile. I've come to the conclusion that sitting at a computer is a lot easier. It takes some dogs longer to learn new tricks...

Because 40 hours a week working for the man isn't nearly enough, I take on extra work creating websites, databases, and finishing drywall (can't get enough of that drywall dust!).

I live in Cortland, NY. with my wife Karen. We have two children: Jason and Jennifer. We were married in 1978 and Karen is still here! Yep, it amazes me, too!

When I'm not busting my hump working for the man, doing side-jobs, or trying to finish the "Honey do..." list, I like to hold down the sofa while watching the Yankees on TV. When weather permits, I enjoy riding my Harley. Oh yeah, Karen says I "like" working around the house, too!

My Harley - a 2000 ElectraGlide

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